-Brow Lift

Brow lift

Over time the eyebrow typically falls. Eyebrow skin may add to the already excess skin
present in the eyelid. There are various medical and surgical means of lifting an eyebrow.
Botox injections into the brow muscles provide a significant lift in many patients; the
injections also smooth out forehead lines reducing wrinkling. The brows may also be
elevated with incisions either in the upper eyelid or in the hairline. Temporal brow
lifts elevate the outer brow through a relatively small incision.The choice of surgical
technique varies from patient to patient depending upon the amount of brow droop, a
review of one’s close-up photos, and a discussion of what can and cannot be achieved
through each approach.

Healing time is several weeks and the surgery is typically performed under intravenous
sedation or a general anesthetic.